Volvo Unveils Vivid S90 Excellence Lounge Console Concept

When Volvo first introduced the original Lounge Console Concept in the XC90, it was praised by critics and fans across the world. The company’s ability to create a cutting-edge design that could potentially redefine the car interior resonated well with automotive enthusiasts. And now, to further expand their creative prowess, Volvo has developed an all-new Lounge Console Concept based on the highly-anticipated S90 Excellence sedan.

A sculpture of sorts, the new Lounge Console Concept is absolutely stunning. Its carefully crafted seating delivers premium comfort, while its vast amenities enhance the in-car experience. A massage function, heated/cooled cup holders, an oversized multimedia screen and a high-end sound system are just a few of the features offered. The backseat armrest also comes fitted with a refrigerator and two crystal glasses provided by Orrefors, allowing passengers to enjoy a cold beverage during their travels.

Additionally, the Lounge Console Concept features a mobile working station, complete with a fold-out table and large screen, so occupants can video conference or check emails while on the go.

To deliver a more relaxing experience, the front seat has also been removed from the concept and replaced with a heated foot rest, creating a serene environment. Watch the video below to get a full glimpse of the new concept.


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