Production Begins on New XC40 Small SUV

2019 Volvo XC40

Volvo chose Milan, Italy, to launch its new small SUV, the XC40. The Italian metropolis is known for its innovations in fashion and design, and this new Volvo represents all of the automaker’s best innovations in vehicle architecture, infotainment technology, safety technology, automation and luxury.

The XC40 is the first to be built with the automaker’s new modular architecture. Its underpinnings will serve many upcoming vehicles, including fully electrified rides.

The XC90 and XC60 are popular with customers, and a smaller SUV was the right way to serve customers who did not need a larger SUV. Of course, the XC40 has big tracks to follow. The XC90 earned 2016 North American Utility of the Year, and the XC60 just scored the 2018 North American Utility of the Year.

People familiar with Volvo technology will recognize the award-winning connectivity tech on the XC40. Rather than leave the engineering up to others, Volvo has developed its infotainment technologies on its own.

The safety technologies of the XC40 include the City Safety system with an autobrake to prevent fender benders. The Run-off Road protection helps the SUV stay on the right trajectory. The Cross Traffic alert has brake support to reduce stopping times. A 360-degree camera keeps an eye on the perimeter, giving the driver a view of all obstacles. It takes much of the work out of parking. Volvo’s new Pilot Assist system is capable of controlling the car’s speed and maintaining its lane on well-marked roads. Drivers will appreciate less stress and more help with the mundane tasks of highway cruising.

Designers looked for ways to expand the XC50 interior, creating more storage than ever before. Passengers will find functional space under the seats and in the doors. Inductive charging is available in the spot reserved for your phone. A fold-out hook holds small bags in place. The tunnel console has a removable waste bin. All of this versatility adds to the overall utility of the small SUV.

Volvo is making its new three-cylinder engine available on the XC40. This marks the debut of this remarkable powertrain. There’s also a four-cylinder Drive-E powertrain. Drivers may soon get other versions including a D4 diesel, a hybrid and an electric edition.

Please be sure to stop our dealership in Phoenix to test drive the XC40. There’s always something fun about being the first in your neighborhood to discover a truly innovative ride.

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