Volvo Safety Technology: What is the City Safety with Autobrake?

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Developed by Volvo, the City Safety technology includes the Auto-Brake feature. By using forward-facing radar and optical sensors, this active safety system dramatically lowers the risk of an accident. You might feel strong vibrating pulses in the brake pedal when there's an elevated threat on the road. Visible and audible warnings will also come on in the dashboard and head-up display. The automatic braking function in the City Safety suite could prevent impacts with other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and animals. Additionally, static obstacles are detected by the advanced sensors in this safety suite. Check out the details on this cutting-edge technology that's optimized for urban driving.

Volvo City Safety Overview

Volvo Safety

The City Safety technology includes a sophisticated sensor that's installed at the top of the Volvo windshield. Using radar waves and optics, the small devices scan the road ahead for any moving or stationary obstacles. The speed of the mobile subject ultimately determines whether any warnings and further actions will be taken by the system. If there's another car ahead that unexpectedly slows down, the City Safety system could reduce the speed of a Volvo car by up to 37 MPH. Similarly, this driving aide lowers your speed by up to 30 MPH when a cyclist is detected. If a pedestrian is spotted in your desired path, you'll experience a maximum reduction in speed of 28 MPH. When the sensors identify a large animal, you'll decelerate by up to 9 MPH.

It's important to emphasize that the Auto-Brake function only comes on when a Volvo moves within a specific speed range. You are less-likely to get much braking assistance when cruising faster than the posted speed limits on highways. The automatic braking is most effective when a Volvo moves faster than 43 MPH, however, excessive speeding will ultimately compromise the capabilities of this advanced accident-mitigation system.

When a forward crash is imminent, you'll see some warnings in the dashboard or head-up display. Failure to react to the alerts might reduce the effectiveness of the automatic braking system. If you depress the brake pedal with excessive force, there won't be any leverage from the Auto-Brake function.

The City Safety could be customized according to local road conditions and other variable factors. You may manually select the desired distance that you’d like to maintain between the Volvo and another vehicle. The IntelliSafe portal lets you choose several settings for the warning systems. For example, the Early Mode activates the alerts when there is a relatively low risk of a crash. The Late Mode turns on the warnings when there is a high potential for a forward collision. You cannot manually turn off the warning system in the City Safety system. The driving aide automatically comes on each time you start the vehicle.

Volvo cars that are equipped with this safety technology are also at reduced risks of getting into accidents at intersections. When you attempt to make a left turn, the sensors will analyze the motion of incoming traffic. You'll receive prompt warnings when it's too dangerous to execute the intended turn. Your camera and radar system actually detects the headlights of oncoming vehicles. Therefore, vehicles that don't have their headlights on at night might not be identified by the sensors.

You could learn much more about the industry-leading safety technology that's available in Volvo cars at Volvo Cars of Phoenix. The patented City Safety with Auto-Brake is available in premium sedans and crossover SUVs that carry plenty of other high-tech amenities. Stop at our showroom today and request a test drive in the Volvo model of your choice.

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