What is the Warranty on a New Volvo

Volvo Front Grill

The average Volvo car or truck comes with a five-year or 60,000-mile warranty that covers standard maintenance that may be required during the period of ownership or leasing. There is, however, the third option for Volvo buyers, called Care by Volvo, which acts more like a subscription service than a standard lease plan.

Under the Care by Volvo program, buyers receive a fixed price that includes monthly payments for the vehicle as well as an insurance plan through Liberty Mutual that pays for maintenance as well as roadside assistance. Maintenance under Care by Volvo includes everything from brake pads to new windshield wipers. Repairs covered under the new subscription plan are on top of Volvo’s factory warranty that usually consists of five years or sixty thousand miles worth of driving.

The Care by Volvo plan lasts two years and comes with no strings attached. Drivers can, essentially, purchase a new car under this program and return it when the term has ended without paying underlying fees that often come with traditional lease plans. One of the most significant differences between Care by Volvo and standard leasing programs is that drivers own their vehicles under Volvo’s subscription plan. Traditional lease plans do not come with such benefit.

Volvo plans to debut its Care plan with the 2019 XC40. You can stop by your Volvo Cars of Phoenix to learn more about the new subscription program and to check out other cars and trucks by the brand that may suit your lifestyle. Come in for a test drive today!

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