How Volvo Is Using PowerPulse To Eliminate Turbo Lag?

Volvo PowerPulse

Volvo has long been known for using turbochargers as a way of getting the most out of their high-quality engines. They can often get 6-cylinder performance out of a 4-cylinder car. One issue that often arises with the use of turbochargers is turbo lag. Volvo has come up with an ingenious solution to this problem that they call PowerPulse.

What is Turbo Lag?

Turbochargers are devices that increase the power and efficiency of your vehicle's engine. They are forced-induction turbines that push extra air into your engine's internal combustion chamber. More air and a higher percentage of fuel mean more horsepower and torque.

Turbochargers take a specified period to kick in with their extra power. You won't feel their effects immediately when you stomp on the gas pedal. The extra power and torque rely on your engine making some exhaust pressure to turn the turbines. This period between engaging the throttle and feeling the turbo kick in is known as turbo lag. It's been a thorn in the side of performance-enthusiasts and car manufacturers for years.

How Does PowerPulse Solve the Problem?

In modern times, we're all used to immediate results. The turbo lag harms the engine's ability to harness all of that extra power and accelerate to the best of its ability. Volvo has used a few methods to combat this over the years. They have paired turbos with a supercharger to provide more immediate power and torque. Another mission of battling the lag was through a hybrid drivetrain that adds an electric motor to the rear-wheel axle.

PowerPulse may be the most creative solution Volvo has ever used. It is engaged via an electric compressor. The system also relies on two turbochargers. When you floor the gas pedal, air from the tank is pushed into the exhaust manifold and then to the first turbo. The result is the main turbo spinning and hitting maximum efficiency much faster. Volvo's official numbers say that the turbines can reach 150,000 RPM in just 0.3 seconds thanks to PowerPulse.

How Volvo Cars of Phoenix Can Help

If you want more information about PowerPulse, please contact Volvo Cars of Phoenix. If you have questions about turbo lag, turbochargers or anything else discussed in this article, the staff at Volvo Cars of Phoenix can help you. They are always there when you decide it's time for a new Volvo.

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