How Often Do You Really Need To Change Your Oil?

Do you need an oil change

How Often Do You Really Need to Change Your Oil?

You've probably heard that you should be changing your car's oil ever three months or every 3,000 miles. If you've gone to any instant oil change places, you might even have a sticker telling you when you're due for another oil change based on that very schedule. While that schedule was true years ago, it might not be the case anymore. Automobile technology has evolved drastically over the last 50 years or so, and newer vehicles can usually go 5,000 to as far as 10,000 miles before they need a proper oil change, especially if they've been using synthetic oil.

So, if the old rule of three months or 3,000 miles no longer holds true for oil changes, how often do you actually need to change your oil? Well, that depends on your vehicle. The best way to figure out how often your car needs oil changes is to look at your user manual. Manuals for newer cars often have two schedules for oil changes: one for "normal" driving and one for "severe" driving. "Normal" driving usually refers to the average commute to and from work that most people make every day, while "severe" driving is usually the kind of cross-country road trip such as working as a commercial driver. As long as you keep your vehicle in good working condition, the oil change schedules that you find in the manual should be applicable.

What is an Indicator That You Need an Oil Change?

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Of course, you should also be paying attention to your vehicle as well to know when you need new oil. If your car is making loud grinding, whining, or knocking sounds under the hood, you're probably due for an oil change. The same goes for any time you smell oil in the cab of your car. That is usually a big indicator that you have an oil leak and should bring your car to our repair shop as soon as possible.

Even though you probably don't need to change your oil as often as you thought you did, it's still a crucial bit of maintenance for any vehicle. If you think it's time for an oil change, don't hesitate to contact our dealership today to make an appointment.

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