Volvo Explore the Ever-Changing Relationship Between Americans and their Cars

Volvo, Known For Safety and Reliability

Volvo, a Swedish manufacturer which has long been makers of fine car and marine engines, has long been known in America for its safe and reliable cars. Volvo has always maintained its incredible appeal in the American market. As the first car manufacturers to make the three-point seatbelt a standard requirement and the first to test the rear-facing child seat, Volvo is a trailblazer in many senses of the word. They have been exploring the relationship between what it means to be an American and a car owner.

More recently, a 2019 poll was conducted by the Harris Poll and found that Americans wish to simplify their vehicle and their life. This poll has found that a whopping 91% of Americans have improved lives when it is simplified! The implications of this finding are truly astounding, as they denote that even though luxurious amenities are always on the table for automobile consumers, there will always be an innate human desire to have the driving experience be as simple and seamless as possible. Most Volvos today feature clean lines and attention to detail, bridging the gap between luxury and simplicity. In the past, the Harris Poll denoted that luxury was the primary focus of consumers. The XC40 has integrated the results of this poll to include clever storage options which mitigate clutter: under seat drawers, a trash can and door receptacles with larger space for storage.

Designed With The Consumer in Mind

Still understanding the market’s desire for luxurious items like wireless charging, LED headlamps, interior lighting which is amber, memory controls for the captain’s chair, leather interior and keyless entry, Volvo has always had the consumer in mind and is now focused on integrating their lineup to be purely simplistic. The Harris Poll also indicated that 84% of American drivers believed that people have too much stuff, that 60% of Millennials felt that their lives feel more cluttered than they did a decade ago, that 68% of Americans feel like “less is more” when it comes to luxury, and nearly 90% feel that beauty and high functionality are two of the core tenants of modern luxury. Focusing heavily on its Scandinavian roots, Volvo has hit the nail on the head in figuring the age-old adage that “less is more”.

To learn more about simplistic living in the automotive world, as well as why Volvo vehicles have been at the forefront of safety for so many years, you are cordially invited to contact or visit Volvo Cars of Phoenix at your earliest convenience to schedule a test drive of the new XC40 and other incredible vehicles in the Volvo lineup.