Volvo will Soon Stop Making Gas-Only Vehicles

Gas Only Vehicles

Volvo has announced that it is planning to wholly discontinue the production of vehicles that run exclusively on gasoline by 2019. This means that all the new vehicles produced this year and onward will be either hybrid vehicles that feature gas combustion engines complemented by small electric motors or all-electric vehicles. This announcement makes Volvo the first major auto manufacturer to focus exclusively on innovation and green energy vehicles. Although Volvo is smaller than GM and many other brands, their commitment to retooling and upgrading their plants is a big step forward towards a totally clean EV market.

Why is Volvo Going Green?

Volvo cites the improvements in hybrid and electric battery technology as the main catalyst. As a large auto manufacturer, you always have to be careful about when you make big transitions at your plants. If a new battery design is innovated a few years later that cuts the costs of producing the same vehicle by 60 percent, the hit to quarterly profits can spell a disaster for any large corporation. Volvo is still playing it safe by hanging onto the combustion engines in many models but slowly building up the infrastructure to manufacture only electric vehicles as it becomes more feasible.

Hybrid technology has some advantages over pure electric vehicles, however, when it comes to efficiency. Although electric engines are sought after because they can be powered by numerous sources of electricity generation, hybrid vehicles still have exceptional performance that can rival all-electric vehicles. This is because electric motors have a powerband that operates at its peak efficiency in city driving and launching from a stop. However, gasoline engines are still kings of the road when you hit the highways because the powerband is ideally suited for that range of speed. The efficiency of the gasoline engine starts to drop off pretty steeply after about 65 mph, nevertheless.

Whether the electricity generated from green sources minimizes the need for efficiency is the ultimate question. It is refreshing to see that Volvo is taking automobiles into the future and leading this movement as a pioneer. The other major automakers will likely look at Volvo as an example when they are forced to make decisions regarding gas-only models.

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