Volvo Pilot Assist is a convenience function that can provide drivers in the Phoenix, AZ, area with steering assistance and help to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles. By centering your Volvo in the middle of the lane, maintaining an even speed, and keeping a preselected distance from the vehicle ahead of you, you will have more comfort and assurance when driving around Scottsdale, AZ,.

Find out more about how Volvo Pilot Assist functions and how to use it.


How Volvo Pilot Assist Works

Getting Familiar with Pilot Assist

While it may feel a bit strange at first when Pilot Assist helps to control your car, you will eventually find a new sense of ease and comfort. To get a feel for Pilot Assist, we recommend that you first get used to it by driving in a calm traffic situation. This function works best on dry motorways with clear lane lines and a smooth flow of traffic. Peoria drivers may not want to use Pilot Assist if rain, snow, or dirt obscure the lane lines.

Before jumping into how Pilot Assist works, it's important to note that Pilot Assist does not drive for you. You are ultimately responsible for safe driving, even when using Pilot Assist. Pilot Assist has a limited capacity to keep you centered, so when you're heading into a sharp turn or avoiding an obstacle, you will have to perform those maneuvers on your own.

How to Activate and Use Pilot Assist

To get started, activate Pilot Assist using the steering wheel's left-side keypad buttons. Scroll with the arrows to find the Pilot Assist symbol, which looks like a steering wheel overlapping a gauge. Then, press the center button to launch Pilot Assist.

After that, a green steering wheel symbol will appear in the driver display or the head-up display, indicating that Pilot Assist is active. If the symbol turns grey, steering assistance is deactivated. However, speed and distance control is still active.

Allow the system to find the optimum location while still focusing on the road and driving. Do not remove your hands from the steering wheel. If Pilot Assist detects your hands are no longer on the steering wheel, a text message alert will appear in the driver display. If ignored, additional warnings will sound until consequently deactivating Pilot Assist.

Steering with Pilot Assist

When Glendale drivers steer with Pilot Assist active, they will feel a slight steering wheel resistance. Be prepared to increase your own steering inputs, especially in curves, and don't wait for Pilot Assist to provide full assistance. When you are taking an exit or turning on a road junction, steer towards the direction you want to indicate the direction for Pilot Assist.

Some objects that may not be detected or recognized as lane markings by Volvo Pilot Assist include:

  • High Curbs
  • Roadside Barriers
  • Traffic Cones

This might put your Volvo closer than you want to certain obstacles.

Turning Off Pilot Assist

If the driving conditions or your driving comfort aren't matching up with Pilot Assist, it's easy to turn off the function. Simply press the center button on the left side of the steering wheel to turn it off. You can still shift between Adaptive Cruise Control and Pilot Assist by using the left and right arrow buttons.

To turn off all assistance, use the center button. This function will also deactivate if the driver applies the brakes.

While Pilot Assist creates a smooth driving experience by regulating accelerating and braking, the system cannot handle all situations and conditions. You ultimately bear responsibility for your safety and obeying traffic regulations and laws.


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