<p>By now the secret is out.  It is the end of the line for diesel engines for Volvo.  But if you love the unique feeling you get from driving a diesel-powered Volvo, don't worry, you still have another chance at getting behind the wheel of a new model you are sure to love, from Volvo Cars of Phoenix. Currently, nearly all Volvo models are offered with a diesel engine for Glendale drivers. </p>

<p>Volvo is beginning production on its last generation of diesel-driven vehicles in June.  Now, this doesn't mean this is the last batch of Volvos you can get with a diesel engine.  Keep in mind a generation for a Volvo is usually three to five years.  That means Scottsdale and Peoria drivers will get three to five <i>model</i> years' worth of powerful and exciting diesel options.  It is merely the last step in Volvo's production of these particular models.</p>
<p>So, what is the deal? Why is this the end of the line for this particular powertrain?  It is part of Volvo's commitment to shift toward the electric vehicle.  Volvo is phasing out internal combustion engines in an effort to limit emissions.  Volvo announced the initiative last year, to shift its focus to mild hybrids and plug-in hybrid options, entirely by 2025.  For Volvo, it didn't make sense to continue making diesel-powered versions of their vehicles and electric options.  Especially when diesel interest is waning in the North America market.</p>

<p>The decision to cease production of diesel isn't a new approach.  Other automakers have already made a move.  But Volvo is among the first luxury names to change.  If you are among those who prefer the sound and feel of a diesel engine, Volvo Cars of Phoenix suggests taking an electric or hybrid version of your favorite model for a spin. Feel how it responds as you hit the streets and highways.  Test out the gas and feel the surge from the new powertrain. We can't promise it will replace diesel in your heart, but we know you will love the electric alternative.</p>

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