Volvo Cars has a plan in place to become climate-neutral by 2040. This ambitious goal involves a variety of steps towards electrifying the Volvo lineup and generally making more moves towards a greener driving experience for drivers from Phoenix, AZ to Scottsdale, AZ and far beyond. While several automakers are making strides towards electrification, Volvo Cars was the first major automaker to commit to diving in headfirst. Now there is an all-electric Volvo XC40 on the way, and you can get a plug-in hybrid variant of the other models in the Volvo lineup -- and that's just the beginning. Volvo Cars also has a Green Finance Framework set up.

What does the Green Finance Framework do?

With the Green Finance Framework in place, Volvo Cars can pave the way for funding for the gradual electrification of models in the Volvo lineup and the climate-related projects that are part of the process. The framework helps to specify how these projects are identified, chosen, and managed, giving investors maximum transparency.

Additionally, Cicero has reviewed the Green Finance Framework and issued it a Dark Green rating. Cicero evaluates green bond investment frameworks. A Dark Green rating is the highest rating that Cicero gives to the frameworks that they evaluate.

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The Green Finance Framework is another step towards Volvo Cars going fully electric by 2040. If you want to know more, we encourage you to reach out to us if you have any questions about the electric future! Other steps for Volvo Cars involve significantly reducing the carbon footprint per car by 2025 and massively reducing tailpipe emissions per car.

Curious about the details? Reach out to us today to connect with one of our Volvo experts. We look forward to hearing from you at our Volvo dealership serving Peoria, AZ and Glendale.

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