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Volvo On Call App Shows Driving Patterns for Plug-in Hybrid Models

Volvo On Call App

Volvo's new Volvo On Call App features can now give drivers a better look into more useful data that could change their driving habits. Rather than just being able to control your vehicle remotely, the new features provide a better understanding of the fuel cost implications and the benefits of driving in a fully electric mode on Volvo's plug-in hybrid models built upon the Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) and Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) platform.

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Shop for and Purchase a New Volvo Model Online near Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ

At Volvo Cars of Phoenix, we strive to be more than a source for the latest Volvo vehicles. We also aim to deliver a streamlined, convenient, and enjoyable shopping experience throughout every step of the process. From initial research to securing financing, we've made it easy to complete the car buying Volvo car-buying process without needing to visit the dealership.

  • Browse and Compare Online: Our extensive and diverse online inventory is easy to navigate and thoroughly detailed. Our listings and research pages provide comprehensive information, and each model for sale on our...

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Volvo Encourages You to Summer Safely: First Responders Qualify for Special Loan and Lease Incentives

A renowned safety pioneer for more than 90 years, Volvo has always put automotive safety first. In addition to its Safety Cage from construction and innovative driver-assistance technologies, the automaker also often freely publishes its own research. Sharing its data with the world allows other manufacturers to use that information and can develop their own safety systems and designs, making the road a safer place for everyone.

In this current era of extra caution and social distancing, safety is more important than ever. With this in mind, Volvo is encouraging us to "Summer Safely"... 

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Stay Safe at Home with Volvo Valet Provided by Volvo Cars of Phoenix

550 × 366
Volvo offers the convenience of Volvo Valet that allows Volvo car owners to get their vehicles serviced without leaving their house during the troubling times of this pandemic. Everyone still must be able to get around for the essentials, and car problems don’t just go away because a lot of our daily routines have changed. So, how are car owners supposed to go out and get their car checked out and fixed at a time when everyone should be limiting contact with each other? Volvo Valet! To learn more continue reading.


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5 Tips While Social Distancing During Covid-19 Pandemic


Five Social-Distancing Suggestions

Due to the recent pandemic, people in the United States have started to shut down socially. The CDC recommends everyone avoid close contact with others. This is known as social distancing. The struggle is that humans must be physically and mentally active as well as maintain their social connections. Psychiatry professionals have some suggestions on how people can spend their time as they self-isolate.

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Create a Driving Journal and Other Cool Features of the Volvo on Call App

Volvo On Call

Volvo On Call Cool Features

Volvo On Call is an integrated support system in your car that connects with the Volvo On Call app to allow you to control your vehicle from a remote location. The Volvo On Call app has several cool features, including a display of warnings from the instrument panel, a find-my-car function, a parking heater, and a driving log, which shows a summary of your car’s journey.

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Why are Volvo Crossovers Loved by Many?

Volvo has created crossovers that stand out from those produced by other brands, as they are more stylish and have an extensive selection of features. Volvo has a reputation for building vehicles that are highly rated for safety, and this certainly pertains to its crossovers. In addition to having a bit more space than a sedan or coupe, Volvo crossovers are sleek, stylish, and surprisingly not too pricey.

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Volvo Reports On The State of Driver Education

Driving on a road

When it comes to the quality and accessibility of driver education, unfortunately, we have found how the state of good driving has declined in recent years. This information came as a result of a report from Harris Poll for Volvo Cars. Volvo wanted to understand what was happening. As a result, they explored the relationship that Americans have with their cars and what has led to the changing times.

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