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Volvo will Soon Stop Making Gas-Only Vehicles

Gas Only Vehicles

Volvo has announced that it is planning to wholly discontinue the production of vehicles that run exclusively on gasoline by 2019. This means that all the new vehicles produced this year and onward will be either hybrid vehicles that feature gas combustion engines complemented by small electric motors or all-electric vehicles. This announcement makes Volvo the first major auto manufacturer to focus exclusively on innovation and green energy vehicles. 

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Volvo Safety Technology: What is the City Safety with Autobrake?

Kia Careers in Sales

Developed by Volvo, the City Safety technology includes the Auto-Brake feature. By using forward-facing radar and optical sensors, this active safety system dramatically lowers the risk of an accident. You might feel strong vibrating pulses in the brake pedal when there's an elevated threat on the road. Visible and audible warnings will also come on in the dashboard and head-up display. 

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Which Volvo cars will have Google Assistant?

Which Volvo cars will have Google Assistant

Google Assistant to Become the Connectivity Standard in Future Volvos

Using the internet to access everything from music to shopping to directions has become an everyday occurrence in most people's lives. Having connective technology in your vehicle is now a must. That's why Volvo recently teamed with Google to include Google Assistant in its future vehicles. Google Assistant will be part of the Sensus Connect infotainment system, providing drivers and passengers with greater connectivity than ever before.

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How Volvo Is Using PowerPulse To Eliminate Turbo Lag?

Volvo PowerPulse

Volvo has long been known for using turbochargers as a way of getting the most out of their high-quality engines. They can often get 6-cylinder performance out of a 4-cylinder car. One issue that often arises with the use of turbochargers is turbo lag. Volvo has come up with an ingenious solution to this problem that they call PowerPulse.

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VIDEO: Volvo Makes In-Car Productivity Easier

The Innovation of Volvo

We’ve long joked about the prospect of flying cars, and while we haven’t seen them yet, the automotive industry continues to advance by leaps and bounds. Volvo, a luxury automaker, is in the vanguard of these developments. In the hopes of quenching their thirst for innovation, Volvo set out to pioneer cutting-edge car technology. The result was voice-controlled personal assistance.

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