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Shopping for a Volvo isn’t a Tough Decision

Buy a Volvo

Known as one of the most successful vehicles on the road, Volvo has had longevity in the auto industry and continues to remain popular among drivers. The German automaker produces competitive models for those who are looking to enhance their experience on the road while commuting or getting around town. Here are a few of the top reasons your next car should be a Volvo when you're shopping around for a new vehicle.

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Volvo Safety Technology: What is the City Safety with Autobrake?

Kia Careers in Sales

Developed by Volvo, the City Safety technology includes the Auto-Brake feature. By using forward-facing radar and optical sensors, this active safety system dramatically lowers the risk of an accident. You might feel strong vibrating pulses in the brake pedal when there's an elevated threat on the road. Visible and audible warnings will also come on in the dashboard and head-up display. 

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Which Volvo has 3rd Row Seating?

2018 Volvo XC90

The Volvo XC90 is beneficial to the driver for more reasons than one. Not only is this truck the luxurious choice for young entrepreneurs, but parents can lavish in the joy that comes from having an abundance of space for the kids and all of their friends.

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VIDEO: A Look at Volvo's History

Volvo 90 Years Heritage

Volvo has been in the car industry for over 90 years, developing a range of premium, reliable models that stand the test of time. The automaker recently took a moment to acknowledge this meaningful milestone, and created a short heritage film highlighting its most iconic cars.

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